My Story - How I Came to Biodanza
I first came to Biodanza thanks to an ex-girlfriend. I had just come back from Poland, where I had been teaching English, and she said to me “You must try this great new dance class I found!”

I was unemployed, and at a loose end, so she offered to treat me – how could I refuse?

Well, I’m interested in dance, but a bit fussy. I can’t do Ballroom – I just can’t handle the steps – and though I liked folk dancing when I was a college student, I got bored of it later. The type of dance I like best is something like the old Barefoot Boogie – expressive dance, no drugs or alcohol, and with some kind of personal development connection.

Well this seemed to have it all. It was at the old East-West centre, there were about 40 people, and it was very involving, with extraordinary Brazilian music that I had never heard before – and yes it was barefoot. It had its strange sides too – it was led by an Argentinian woman, and I hadn’t forgotten the South Atlantic war; also there was a bit more hugging and kissing than I was used to. But still. I really got into it, and afterwards I was so excited afterwards that I didn’t sleep all night.

So I started going regularly – even though I was unemployed and it was a quarter of my dole money, it just felt so good. I enjoyed it, I got into my body, I relaxed, I made new friends, I could even taste food more. (Oh, and I started to wiggle my hips!)

And eventually I wanted to do a weekend workshop – so I just had to get a job, to afford it! So it helped my confidence too.

Part of the excitement was the richness of it – I could feel it working on so many levels.

Over the years it has brought me a lot of things – friends, travel, work, community, healing, even love. I met my partner in a Biodanza class; we’ve been together four years now!