Biodanza will be playing an integral part in the

Easter Spring & Creativity Celebration

at Osho Leela

Colourful hands

29 March - 2 April 2018


The Easter Celebration is a time to awaken our creative selves through music, dance, theatre, painting and many other art forms.

The Celebration will feature a session of Biodanza each day

led by NAROPA (Peter Burns) and CHARITA (Angela Miller-Smith)

taking the participants on a journey together through the themes of the festival.

There will also be

Music with PRAFUL 
Theatre with YOGESH for big and small, young and not so young 
Open art space with ANDY and VINCENT
Drumming with OLUWA (bring your own drum)
Introducing 'Play Wooden' also with Oluwa
Building a DEN and a DOME amongst the yew trees
Costume making and theatre set making
Kids club, Teens and tweens hang out
Easter mystery walk
Healing time with PRAFUL and VIMAL
Vision board with KARUNA
Family constellation with SARASI
Creative writing with AMY RAINBOW
Ongoing fire pit

And finally! 
A grand finale where all the creative work comes together in a

Big Performance

Have a look at the schedule!

Cost: £175 dorm; £137 camping; £42 kids 4-12 camping; £62 teens 13-16 camping

Early Bird price: save £10 off adult prices by booking before 22 March!


To book, click here or give the Booking Office a call on 01747 821221.

There is also the possibility to come as a worker: click here to find out more.


Osho Leela, Thorngrove House, Common Mead Lane 
Gillingham, Dorset, SP8 4RE 

Tel: 01747 821221