What is Biodanza?

Well, it looks something like this... the seaside is optional!

Biodanza is a Spanish word meaning Dance of Life.
It’s a way to feel more joy in life and reduce stress through music, movement and connection.
It’s not a performance and there are no steps to learn, so you can’t do it wrong.

Biodanza comes from South America. It was created by Rolando Toro in Chile in the 1960’s and came to Europe in the 1990s. Regular participants report feelings of wellbeing, more joy and confidence in life, and improved health and relationships. Not bad for a few hours dancing?

A typical class lasts one-and-a-half to two hours. You are guided through a sequence of unforced natural movements supported by uplifting music. The first half of the class is more lively, the second half more relaxing. It’s a chance to make friends with your body and give your brain a holiday.

You are encouraged to dance barefoot (soft shoes are OK if necessary) and without talking. Wear comfortable clothes that you can move easily in.